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What Admin System Shall We Have?

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Admin System Voting

Post  Admin on Fri Jun 10, 2011 11:55 am

Hey guys,

As the launch of the new Frontline Clan slowly emerges, what admin system should the clan have? (This concerns membership admin only)

Here is my proposed option -

I think the membership admin should be much smaller and much more simple than before
This boldly ranks admins so there is less confusion, and shows admins exactly their position

Example: Admin Rank 1 - if admin levels start from level 10, this will be level 10
Admin Rank 2 - if admin levels start from level 10, this will be level 11:

My proposal:

Admin Rank 1: Trial Admin - A new recruit is given this admin rank for 2 weeks, after 2 weeks if there are no problems/complaints, the admin is automatically promoted
Admin Rank 2: Frontline Admin - Now an official Frontline Clan member and admin of the server. Promotion is not automatically granted after a certain time-period, promotion after this is based on a server leader's discretion. A player on this rank cannot be promoted in less than a month of gaining the rank
Admin Rank 3: Senior Admin - A trusted, responsible and mature admin whose main role is to advise higher admins, and oversee the performance of all lower admins/trial admins.
Admin Rank 4: Assistant Leader - Acts as a co-leader. Advises the leader on issues and debates concerning the server, oversees performance of all lower admins. Assists the leader in maintaining the order of the server etc. Also acts as a recruiter and an anti-admin abuse manager. Only available for two players maximum.
Admin Rank 5: Server Leader - The main man in the server. Only available for one player. Oversees general performance of the server and all admins. Makes all important decisions regarding the server and assists the General Manager.
Admin Rank 6: Owner & Regular Donators - Regular donators who are already admins. Oversees all issues of server, advises the management team
Admin Rank 7: The Management Team - Collective admin for the top positions in the clan, formerly known as 'Commanders' and for the sole owner of the server.


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