General Discussions About Clan

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General Discussions About Clan

Post  Admin on Fri Jun 10, 2011 12:06 pm

Hey, this is the forum for general discussions and debates of the clan

Discuss things like:
Themes for servers
Recruiting system
Any other crap

To start it off, firstly I would like to discuss themes for servers

I have a 20 slot server which is intended for frag, but what frag server do you guys want?
Nitmod Free-For-All? - Nitmod frag, with free-for-all game-mode, every man for themself on stock maps, first player to reach kill limit wins

Nitmod Frag? - Nitmod is a combination of NQ and Jaymod features. You can shoot while leaning, use non-overheating sten as a field ops and medic, and use lots of other unique and fun features

No-Quarter Frag? - A revivial of the classic NQ server, bringing back memories from the old FL era, with the original Frontline NQ mods to weapons and sounds


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